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Signia Introduces Hearing Aids That Tackle the Most Difficult Challenge for People With Hearing Loss: Group Conversations in Noise

Hearing aid innovator Signia, part of WS Audiology, today launches Integrated Xperience, a breakthrough technology that enables hearing aid wearers to hear all speakers in noisy group conversations clearly. Even when speakers move or the wearer turns their head, the hearing aids ensure improved speech understanding. For a demo video on how Integrated Xperience works, please click here.

Hearing aid wearers often have difficulty following dynamic conversations at noisy social events. Most hearing aids struggle to enhance speech in these environments and are unable to switch directional modes fast enough to effectively capture multiple speakers.

Signia Integrated Xperience is introducing the world’s first hearing aid that identifies and locks on to the voice of every person in a conversation, enhancing their speech and reducing background noise.

Conversations are essential to our well-being
Conversations and social interactions with our loved ones and friends are essential to our well-being and to keep our brains healthy.

“Integrated Xperience is about more than just hearing better. It is about giving hearing aid wearers the confidence to engage, interact, and contribute, especially in noisy group conversations. They don’t have to observe from the sidelines anymore. No other hearing aid can track and enhance multiple speakers in real-time. We are pleased to introduce this important innovation to the market from one of our flagship brands and to deliver on our purpose of making wonderful sound part of everyone’s life,” says Maarten Barmentlo, Chief Marketing Officer, WS Audiology.

In a study investigating speech performance in a group conversation scenario, Signia Integrated Xperience provided a significant improvement in speech understanding for the hearing aid wearer. 95%[1] of the participants showed better performance with Integrated Xperience RealTime Conversation Enhancement than without.

The Integrated Xperience platform makes its debut in Signia’s all-new Pure Charge&Go IX. Integrated Xperience also includes Silk Charge&Go IX – the world’s first rechargeable, ready-to-wear completely-in-the-canal hearing aids.



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