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RoadMap Technologies Expands Privacy Solutions to Support JSON Based De-Identification, FDA Clinical Trials, and Healthcare Claims

RoadMap Technologies, a leading provider of data science and software solutions for the Life Sciences industry, today announced that RoadMap has expanded its HITRUST certified platform to support JSON-based De-identification, as well as FDA Clinical Trials and Healthcare Claims data sets.

RoadMap’s De-identification engine allows for healthcare companies to safely and securely turn HIPAA protected patient health information into patient data which can be leveraged for robust analytics. RoadMap is one of the few encryption engines that surpasses the SHA-256 encryption standard by integrating proprietary methodologies to both pre-encrypt and post-encrypt tokens. RoadMap De-identification can also perform patient identity resolution and successfully match patients from different datasets without having to perform multiple de-identification processes. RoadMap’s De-identification has been determined by experts as presenting a minimal risk of Re-identification.

“We are pleased to enhance access to our De-identification capabilities for our Life Sciences clients and technology partners by supporting JSON within our De-identification products and services. Clinical Trials data are the most under-utilized resources for new product forecasting and commercialization in the Life Sciences industry. By utilizing De-identified patient information on patient persistency and adverse events, clients can reduce Launch Forecast error substantially”, stated Rudolph Pizzano, Director of Analytics at RoadMap. “And after launch, our engine enables AI/ML applications to train models on Real World Evidence (RWE) from comprehensive healthcare claims to analyze the patient journey and ensure forecast accuracy throughout the product life cycle.



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