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MGM Healthcare Saves Life of Day-Old Newborn with Complex Brain Surgery

MGM Healthcare in Chennai has once again proven their expertise and advanced medical infrastructure by successfully performing a complex brain surgery on a one-day-old newborn. The baby was brought to the hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with symptoms of drowsiness and refusal to eat, leading to a diagnosis of a massive blood clot in the brain.

The medical team, led by Dr. L.S. Harishchandra, a specialist in pediatric, epilepsy, and movement disorder surgery, performed a timely and intricate two-step surgical procedure that lasted five hours. The surgery was challenging, given the delicate nature of operating on a newborn, but the team’s expertise and quick action saved the baby’s life.

Dr. Harishchandra acknowledged the Neonatal team’s excellent care of the baby during the post-operative period, which was vital to the baby’s recovery. This case is exceptionally rare, with only a few hundred such cases reported worldwide, but MGM Healthcare’s dedicated team of medical professionals rose to the challenge, delivering a miraculous outcome that will be remembered for years to come.

This triumphant tale is a testament to MGM Healthcare’s commitment to providing the best possible medical care to patients, regardless of the complexity of the case. It is a reminder that hope and the unwavering determination of medical professionals can overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges, giving precious lives a second chance.



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