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GUERISON Entered into Indian Ophthalmology Market

Launches its new range of 25 allopathy ophthalmic products
GUERISON, a global pharmaceutical player with a focus on ophthalmology business has finally set up its footprints in India’s ophthalmology market (north, east and west region of India) with the launch of its new range of 25 allopathy ophthalmic products including GUERIMOD, GUERIPRED, BIMATO MST etc for curing various diseases related to eyes.
The multivitamin from GUERISON is GUERIHERB which is pure herbal with no side effects and the allopathic antioxidants from GUERISON is GUERIOX which have done wonders with the patients. The product range is available with Amazon and Tata 1mg based on prescription. The other range of products are introduced which helps to cure dry eye with post operative eye drops.

The company provides a range of allopathic medicines, dry eye supplements, and a complete range of eye drops to treat various corneal and retinal problems. The manufacturing facility is fully compliant with top-notch technology and has obtained accreditation from the WHO-GMP and ISO, as well as several other countries across the world. The company aims and plans to create new and innovative product ranges that meet the needs of doctors, surgeons, and patients.

Chaandan Munjaal, CEO – GUERISON India stated, “We are dedicated to achieve medical surprises that improve people’s lives and accelerate technological advancements that make every day just a little better. We don’t compromise on the quality of our products by using the best available raw materials in the world. Nothing at all, lures us beyond providing the best quality, innovative products to our customers. It’s just the happy customer, what makes us happy.”

He further added, “We have allocated resources for quality products, innovative and attractive pyramid packaging, man power training/grooming and conducting eye check-up camps as CSR. As manpower, we here develop good presentable, trained humans with a sense of responsibility and not just trained machines like humans.



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