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Empowering Preventive Healthcare Strategies
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Empowering Preventive Healthcare and Strategies for a Healthier Nation

  • The author of this article is Sidhharrth S Kumaar, Founder & Chief Happiness Officer, NumroVani

WHO report projects that lifestyle diseases will cost $6 trillion by 2030 in India. Amidst these growing economic costs of diseases, it is highly imperative to proactively think and strategies around Proactive & Personalized Preventive Healthcare.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Preventive healthcare takes center stage in a time when good health is essential to overall wellbeing that places a strong emphasis on taking proactive steps to fend off diseases before they develop.

Benefits of Preventive Healthcare

In addition to improving health on an individual basis, preventive healthcare has wider societal ramifications. It relieves the strain on healthcare systems by reducing health risks, freeing up resources for urgent situations. In addition, it improves life quality, promoting longevity and vigor. This also leads to enhanced productivity and positivity in the society which ultimately improves the overall Human wellbeing.

Reimagining Preventive Healthcare

The adoption of preventive wellbeing and healthcare is on lower side in India. This is high time for us to rethink, reimagine and restrategize our approach to improve adoption of preventive healthcare in India.

Enlisting a few approaches towards enhancing and empowering preventive healthcare:

Personalization is the Key!

In this modern world wherein attention span of human being is on reducing trend, the need of personalization is round the corner. Personalization emerges as a driving force in boosting adoption rates.The same holds true for preventive wellbeing as well. The personalization of preventive wellbeing can be reimagined by embracing traditional sciences of India i.e., Ayurveda, Occult Sciences (Astrology & Numerology) among others with an evolution to fit into the current & future needs.

Embracing Traditional & Alternative Healthcare

This is high time for us to reimagine our preventive healthcare wherein it is about holistic wellness based on holopathy. Traditional Indian sciences such as Ayurveda, Occult Sciences (Astrology & Numerology), Sound Therapy, Herbal Bath should be embraced into mainstream and promoted to evolve itself to meet the need & requirements of current time.

Technology Integration in Preventive Healthcare

A powerful ally in the field of preventative healthcare is technology. The utilization of telemedicine and remote monitoring facilitates home-based interactions between patients and medical providers. Wearable technology and health applications offer real-time insights into important health data. Big data analytics searches through enormous datasets for trends that help identify illnesses early on.

Role of Government & Policy

This is the high time for including preventive healthcare as part of mainstream healthcare policy. Government should consider enhancing tax benefits on preventive healthcare packages and expanding its horizon to include alternative healthcare and modalities as well.  

The Road Ahead!

This is time to embrace personalized and proactive preventive healthcare regime which combines best of traditional sciences with modern day innovation!



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