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EAACI Pediatric Allergy and Asthma Meeting 2023: Shaping the Future of Pediatric Allergy and Asthma Care

The Organizing Committee is thrilled to announce the eagerly anticipated EAACI Pediatric Allergy and Asthma Meeting (PAAM) 2023, scheduled to take place from 2nd to 4th November 2023. This event will bring together esteemed experts from around the world to address the pressing challenges and advancements in the field of pediatric allergy and asthma.

The burden of allergic diseases and asthma in children has seen a substantial rise in recent years due to various factors, including differences in lifestyles, changes in food introduction practices, and increased industrialization. Allergy often manifests as a multi-system disorder in children with co-existing conditions such as allergic rhinitis, eczema, and food allergies. These conditions can significantly impact a child’s daily life, affecting their school performance, travel, dietary choices, sleep patterns, and social interactions. Families of allergic children and the children themselves face considerable stress and anxiety while adapting to diagnoses, management, and treatment.

The Organizing Committee recognizes the critical need for collaborative efforts among clinicians, emergency services, regulatory authorities, academia, schools, parents, and the affected children to provide effective care and protection for allergic children. PAAM 2023 is a platform where the latest research and scientific breakthroughs are shared to improve the lives of allergic children worldwide.

This year’s sessions will delve into the hottest topics in pediatric allergy and immunology, including One-health and its role in environmental and immunomodulation research, food allergy diagnosis, risk assessment, and management, asthma from preschool years to adulthood, the epigenetics of childhood allergy, updates on primary immunodeficiencies, and atopic skin disorders. A special focus will also be placed on delivering better care to children at risk of severe anaphylaxis.

“We look forward to seeing you at PAAM 2023, where we aim to ensure a brighter future for our children by implementing and sharing the highest standards of care within our specialty,” says Mohamed Shamji, EAACI Vice President Congresses and member of the Organizing Committee.

In a hybrid format, PAAM 2023 will allow delegates to attend in person in the historic city of Porto, Portugal while offering the flexibility to participate remotely via five tracks. Networking opportunities will be abundant, enabling attendees to engage in discussions with fellow participants and experts.



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