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A Nonagenarian Undergoes Successful Spine Surgery At SRV Mamta Hospital

Mumbai : – It is not at all easy to walk again on your own after suffering from a large disc herniation with nerve root compression. A team led by Dr Abhijit Kulkarni, Consultant Neurosurgeon, SRV Mamta Hospital, Dombivli, successfully performed high-risk spine surgery on a nonagenarian with debilitating back and left leg pain. The patient can walk after surgery and has resumed his daily routine now.

90-year-old Mr VT Mulgund from Dombivli experienced back and left leg pain for 2-3 months. Gradually the pain increased to such an extent that he couldn’t walk even a few steps without pain. He tried various tips like not sitting for a longer time, avoiding lifting heavy objects and bending, stretching, and using over-the-counter (OTC) pain medication, but nothing seemed to work to provide him relief. He was fit, but the continuous pain and inability to do his routine activities made him uncomfortable. Considering his age the only advice he got was just to take rest and nothing can be done.

However, he was not ready to give up so easily. He consulted Dr Abhijit Kulkarni who adviced him to get an MRI.

Dr Abhijit Kulkarni, Consultant Neurosurgeon, SRV Mamta Hospital, Dombivli said, “ On arrival he could not walk even to the washroom and could barely stand. His MRI of the spine showed a large disc herniation with compression of his nerve root. A herniated disc occurs when the fibrous outer portion of the disc tends to rupture or tear and the jelly-like core squeezes out. As people age, the disk becomes less flexible and may tear or rupture due to a strain or twist.  It is a very common cause of low back pain and unilateral leg pain.  The patient and his family members were counseled about surgery for removing the prolapsed disc which was the only pain to manage pain.’’

The patient and the family agreed and the surgery was scheduled.

Dr Kulkarni added, “He was operated on by using minimally invasive techniques. We took all necessary preoperative precautions. Anesthetist, cardiologists and the ICU Intensivists also contributed with their expertise.

He was operated through a small inch incision under a microscope. The disc portion which had herniated out was completely removed and the nerve roots were freed. The surgery was completed in an hour’s time.After, surgery, he was pain-free and walked the very next day.”

“The back and leg pain interfered with my ability to do the daily chores with ease. I have always been active and didn’t want to become bed-bound. I am fortunate to be guided by Dr Kulkarni. I thank him for performing the successful spine surgery and helping me walk freely. The leg pain has also disappeared now. I advise people of my age to pay attention to back pain, take it seriously, and opt for a safe surgery with an experienced surgeon at a center with adequate facilities to manage any complicated case. Now, I have started walking just like before. I am happy and looking forward to leading a healthy life,” concluded the patient VT Mulgund.

“Spine surgery is indeed safe if done  with all adequate precautions and in patients with the correct indications.” concluded Dr Abhijit Kulkarni.



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