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Breakthrough Technology Could Lead to One-Time HIV Treatment

TAU researchers demonstrate initial success in neutralizing the virus with a single vaccine Researchers from Tel Aviv University demonstrated the success of a novel technology that may be developed into a one-time vaccine to treat people with HIV and AIDS….

HIV- AIDS: Know The Symptoms + Myths And Facts

The author of this article is Dr Amit Shohhavat, Internal Medicine Expert, Apollo Spectra Mumbai A large number of people are living with HIV- AIDS.  There are many signs and symptoms of HIV-AIDS that one shouldn’t miss. Also, it is…

Hepatitis causing more deaths than AIDS and tuberculosis!Eradication of hepatitis is the global goal.

(July 28) is World Hepatitis Day. It is observed on July 28 every year as per the call of World Health Organization on the theme “Bringing Hepatitis Care Closer to You”. It has been carried out with the aim of…