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Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai Central in association with Specialty Surgical Oncology, Mumbai launches “Wockhardt Cancer Care Centre”

Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai Central in association with Specialty Surgical Oncology, Mumbai has launched Cancer Care Centre. Considering the increase burden of cancer cases in India, this institute aims at giving quality and preventive treatment at the hospital. The organ-specific approach is a way forward to complex decision-making and executing every challenging surgery with a higher level of safety and efficiency.

The cancer incidence reported in India this year is estimated to be 19 to 20 lakh, whereas real incidence is 1.5 to 3 times higher than the reported cases, according to a study by FICCI and EY. The commonest cancers among males are oral cavity (16.2%) and lung cancers (8%), followed by stomach (6.3%), colorectal (6.3%) and oesophagal cancers (6.2%). An important observation is that 43% of cancers among men are caused at an increased frequency by tobacco intake and hence, a significant number of them can be prevented by a lifestyle change. All other cancer subtypes constitute the remaining 57%. Among females, breast (26.3%) and cervical cancer (18.3%) are by far the commonest cancers. Ovarian cancer (6.7%), oral cavity (4.6%) and colorectal cancer (3.7%) are the other common cancers. The commonest cause of cancer-related deaths is breast cancer, cervical cancer, oral cavity cancer and lung cancer.

Speaking about the launch, Dr Sanket Mehta, Consultant Onco- Surgeon, Specialty Surgical Oncology, Mumbai says, “Cancer is the most challenging medical conditions to treat. With increasing complexity in cancer care, and with vastly improved ability and facility to deal with challenging surgical situations, the evolution of surgeons into specific cancer specialties is a progress to our patients. With newer surgical techniques like minimally invasive surgery and robotic surgery which are replacing traditional methods, newer decision-making paradigms are evolving, and there is a significant amount of collaboration required between the surgeon and other cross-specialties. Keeping this in mind, Specialty Surgical Oncology (SSO) a group of highly trained team of cancer surgeons who have sharpened their skills to exclusively treat organs specific cancer.”

Dr Sanket Mehta further adds about the collaboration with Wockhardt Hospital, “a team of expert organ-specific cancer surgeons will conduct complex cancer surgeries, with top-quality infrastructure, allied medical services, ICU back-up, state-of-the-art operation theatres, anesthesia equipment, surgical devices and instruments. This is where the synergy of Specialty Surgical Oncology and Wockhardt Hospital will stand out as the destination for high-quality cancer care.”

Dr. Parag Rindani, CEO of Maharashtra, Wockhardt Hospitals says, “We are proud about giving revolutionized cancer care treatment in collaboration with Specialty Surgical Oncology (SSO) to our society. Cancer treatment is a complex process – perhaps the most complex of all diseases. A lot of variables must be taken into consideration before a treatment plan is finalized and executed. Some type of cancer, the affected organ, severity of the disease, health of the affected organ, stage of the disease, status of the metastatic disease, age of the patient, physical health of the patient, other co-morbidities, compliance, affordability, the role of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc. their testimony to the outcomes. This organ-specific cancer treatment will be done by a team of multi-disciplinary passionate doctors to give highest standard of care giving you the best possible opportunity of reclaiming your health.”

Wockhardt Cancer Care Centre focus is to bridge the gap in the existing cancer care treatment in India by giving holistic, innovative and value-based treatment to cancer care patients.

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