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Energy bar

CarobWay Introduces Its Low Glycemic Sweetener at IFT-FIRST

FoodTech start-up CarobWayTM, Ltd. will introduce its clean-label, low glycemic index (GI) sweetener at IFT FIRST 2023 in Chicago. The company will demonstrate the new sweetener in a gummi and an energy bar prototypes to illustrate the new sweetener’s capabilities….

Nutrizoe Launches Zoe Bars – Fuel Up with India’s First Women-Focused Energy Bars

Nutrizoe, a women-focused wellness brand, has launched Zoe Bars, India’s first dedicated energy bars custom-designed for women. Zoe Bars offer a healthy and convenient on-the-go snacking option for women, made with 100% vegetarian and preservative-free ingredients. The bars are fortified…