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Kauvery Hospital Launches 15 State-of-the-Art Ambulances through KARES Initiative

Kauvery Hospital, Electronic City a Quaternary care hospital equipped with a comprehensive Emergency Department prioritizes saving lives, including those of the economically challenged. In the presence of Dr. Krishna Chaitanya, Head of Neurosurgery at Kauvery Institute of Neurosciences, Dr. Prabhakara Reddy, HOD…

Society for Vascular Surgery Foundation Launches September Vascular Health Step Challenge During PAD Awareness Month & Healthy Aging Month

The Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) Foundation today launched its second-annual September Vascular Health Step Challenge to raise awareness about vascular health and promote the benefits of walking for overall well-being, while also raising funds to benefit low-income vascular patients….

Revolutionary Heart Health Initiative in Karnataka Rescues Over 500 Lives Within Four Months

A transformational tide of change is sweeping across Karnataka in Southern India, as a bold initiative takes aim at one of the world’s most insidious killers: cardiovascular disease. Karnataka’s residents, bound together by shared adversity, are turning the tables on…

Nutrabooti launches integrated ‘Health Ecosystem’: Members can avail of diagnostics, products & proactive wellness all under one roof

Nutrabooti, India’s innovative D2C nutraceutical brand, has unveiled a game-changing ‘Health Ecosystem’. The brand seeks to unite individuals under the ‘Booti Tribe’ for a transformative and holistic wellness journey. Central to this Health Ecosystem are three pillars – cutting-edge diagnostics,…