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Women participating in a PCOS awareness campaign
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PCOS Beyond The Diagnosis

Despite affecting Millions of women and the serious health consequences, PCOS is unknown to most people and staggering 50% of the women living with PCOS are undiagnosed. Addressing this very concern key members of the gynaecology and female health related professionals, participated in the open discussion organized by PCOS Society of India in collaboration with Vijayeta, it’s outreach arm.

In India, PCOS is a prevalent health concern affecting approximately one in every five women. This condition typically emerges following puberty, with around 80% of PCOS-afflicted women being overweight, while the remaining 20% are lean. Weight gain during childhood and adolescence plays a pivotal role in increasing the risk of PCOS and its associated complications. It’s essential to note that lifestyle modifications aimed at combating weight gain can effectively manage PCOS. This condition is a leading cause of infertility among women and during pregnancy, women with PCOS face elevated risks of pregnancy loss, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Furthermore, women with PCOS are also at risk of developing heart disease and diabetes later in life, with more than 50% becoming diabetic or prediabetic before the age of 40. The emotional toll is significant, as anxiety and depression are prevalent among women with PCOS, making them up to seven times more likely to attempt suicide. Early diagnosis is crucial, as it offers the opportunity for better management of emotional and physical health, preventing serious disorders in the future.

Dr. Duru Shah, President of PCOS society in India, speaking on the occasion said, “PCOS silently impacts the lives of approximately one in every 5-6 women in India, an alarming statistic often concealed by ignorance and misconceptions. In response to this pressing issue, we have conceived a platform dedicated to fostering knowledge sharing and collaborative efforts. The moment has arrived for us to shatter the veil of silence surrounding PCOS, illuminate its presence, and embolden women to seize command of their well-being. Together, let’s amplify awareness and offer vital support to empower women in reclaiming their health.”



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