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Doctors at MGM Healthcare successfully performed a rare and a complex surgery by removing a large tumour from the brain stem of a 11-year-old boy from Bangladesh. The surgery spanning 18 hours was performed in two stages by a team of 10 doctors lead by Dr K Sridhar, achieving the feat with precision.

The patient from Dhaka was suffering for three months with weakness in his limbs and started developing severe headache. On diagnosis he was found to have a large tumor located in the Brain stem, which is a deep critical region of the Brain.

Dr K Sridhar, Director and Group Head, Institute of Neurosciences and Spinal Disorders MGM Healthcare said, “Brain stem surgery is critical as the Brain stem is in the centre of the brain and is tightly packed with very important nerve cells and connections that ensure our basic functions. Till a decade ago surgery for Brain stem tumors was considered impossible. With technological advances in MRI and in the operating room for surgery and monitoring it is now possible to perform this surgery with good outcomes. There are many tumors in the brain stem that are not aggressive cancers and surgery is often enough to treat the patient and make them well. Sending patients for radiation without a proper pathology is not acceptable as per current international protocols.”

The doctors at MGM Healthcare soon made the patient undergo Advanced Neuroimaging including Tractography to find out the relationship between the nerve fibres and the tumor.

Dr Sridhar and his 10-member team of Neurosurgeons, Neuroanaesthesiologist and critical care specialists performed an 18-hour surgery in two stages with Neuro monitoring. Maximal Safe resection of the tumour was performed on the boy, and he recovered well. Ten days post the procedures the parents and child were ready to travel back to Dhaka and their home.

Harish Manian, CEO MGM Healthcare said, “Performing a complex procedure requires great deal of expertise coupled with excellent hospital infrastructure. These kind of successful outcomes through a multi-disciplinary approach opens the door for many more critical patients who can get treated successfully and lead a normal life.”



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