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Medica Oncology, organizes, Walkathon, Fight Cancer, Hope,
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Medica Oncology organizes a Walkathon to Fight Cancer with Hope

Medica Oncology department of Medica Superspecialty hospital organized a walkathon in the city on Sunday from 9:00 am onwards for creating awareness of cancer disease. Approximately five hundred people from all walks of life including students; Cancer survivors; NGO’s, family members; Hospital staff of Medica, amongst others joined the rally at Kishore Bharati Stadium gate number 6 and then proceeded to walk through Ajay Nagar, Highland Park, and Singhabari Bus Stand, reaching Medica Superspecialty Hospital

This year’s National Cancer Awareness Day theme at Medica Oncology is Palliative Care. As a result, the organization’s oncology division announced that it will not only start offering radiotherapy as a form of treatment in November but will also establish a facility that will offer cancer patients organized home-based palliative care services for the first time in eastern India.

To emphasize the significance of the cancer awareness cause, Indian table tennis player, Ms. Mouma Das, Singer Anupam Roy, Actor Chandan Sen, Music Composer Kalyan Sen Barat, and Film Director Shiboprosad Mukherjee, among other dignitaries attended the awareness walkathon at Medica Superspecialty Hospital. The dignitaries and celebrities shared their thoughts and experiences relating to cancer and cancer patients, inspiring the listeners to maintain a sense of hope and think positively because cancer is not always fatal, it can be cured if detected early. 

The rally was flagged off by Dr. Alok Roy – Chairman of Medica Group of Hospitals, Dr. Sourav Datta – Director (Medica Cancer Projects), Medica Superspecialty Hospital, Dr. Subir Ganguly – Senior Consultant Radiation Oncology, Medica Superspecialty Hospital & Dr. Sudeep Das – Consultant Medical Oncologist, Medica Superspecialty Hospital amongst various other doctors, medical staffs & guests.

Addressing the gathering about Cancer awareness, Dr. Alok Roy, Chairman of Medica Group of Hospitals, said, “India observes National Cancer Awareness Day on November 7 of each year. As a doctor, I would suggest that cancer can be treated at a much lower price if it is detected early on as opposed to when it is more advanced. People who show up for screening at the first sign of symptoms have a significantly lower mortality rate. Medica’s oncology department will begin to offer radiotherapy & home-based palliative care to patients from this month onwards & we are very hopeful that we will be able to combat cancer soon.”

Dr. Sourav Datta – Director (Medica Cancer Projects), Medica Superspecialty Hospital averred, “It is extremely important that the society extends moral support to cancer patients instead of showing sympathy towards them because, for cancer patients, moral support is as important as medical treatment. Keeping this thought in mind, we at Medica organized this walkathon as motivation for cancer patients & also to spread awareness about cancer.”

Dr. Subir Ganguly – Senior Consultant Radiation Oncology, Medica Superspecialty Hospital, stated, “This year Medica Oncology has taken up Palliative Care as its theme for National Cancer Awareness Day. In India, there are reportedly 2.25 million cancer patients, 1 million new cases each year, and more than 0.88 million yearly fatalities. Every year over seven million new patients need palliative care in India, with less than 4% having access to these services. Poor symptom control, poor quality of life, improper end-of-life care, and greater financial burden are the main drawbacks of the lack of access to palliative care. Additionally, due to a lack of caregivers, high transportation costs, and the patient’s non-ambulatory condition, terminal cancer patients frequently cannot travel to treatment centres for palliative care; hence, we at Medica are setting up a facility that will provide cancer patients with home-based organized palliative care services.” 

The primary aim of the walkathon was to emphasize that while early detection and prompt, effective treatment are important, having faith, offering moral support, having a positive mindset, and being willing to live a healthy lifestyle are what will eventually help one through the cancer experience.

To support the cause for the nation’s observance of November 7th as National Cancer Awareness Day, the event was concluded by releasing white balloons by volunteers.

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