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India trusts Ayurveda and yet its benefits are not reaching common people

A med-tech start-up in Ayurveda is changing this and gaining popularity in India

Ayurveda and its benefits, till now, have been restricted to the solutions which are available Over the Counter (OTC). These are largely driven by the products of big Ayurvedic Medicine companies which use heavy promotions for their products to create awareness & pull. However, in the absence of detailed consultations, patients are not being diagnosed properly and hence are bereft of the true benefits of this ancient medical science. 
Dr. Rajesh Singh, a veteran Ayurveda practitioner for more than 50 years, emphasize on the effectiveness of Ayurveda - “Contrary to the popular belief, Ayurveda is very effective in treating chronic as well as life threatening diseases. However, this is possible only under the guidance of the right doctor. The patient needs to timely consult the right doctor and complete the treatment. Apart from medication, counselling for Aahar, Vihaar and Aachar is also included as a part of consultation. Yoga and Panchakarma work as catalyst to expedite recovery. Just taking medicine is not enough for complete treatment.” We have spoken to other Ayurveda experts who believe that the main problem in Ayurveda adoption is Awareness & Knowledge. ‘People are not aware of the right doctor. Several quacks have tarnished this great science’ is the regular qualm. 
A new med-tech start-up is trying to change this. SUSHAIN,,  has been started to act as a one stop all solution platform for Ayurvedic treatments. It provides access to 300+ certified Ayurvedic specialists of different ailments. Apart from consultation, the platform facilitates Diet counselling, Yoga training and Panchkarma. Users can buy genuine Ayurvedic medicines Online at attractive rates from the website.
What is Sushain: 
"SU" +  "SHAIN" = Good + Doctor.
The vision of SUSHAIN to empower Ayurveda with Technology and arm it with the knowledge of hundreds of qualified and experienced practitioners of Ayurveda who agreed to come on board in an endeavor to promote ‘Goodness of Life’. 
This is an end to end platform where people, in need of a Ayurvedic consultation, can meet Ayurvedic specialist of their disease Online over video call or book an appointment for clinic consultation. 
Convenience is at the core of the design of this platform - people can buy Authentic Ayurvedic products; can book Panchakarma therapies and get advice for their wellness problems.
Why Sushain Clinic? 
Convenience and Well Being of end user is at the core of Sushain Clinic. It follows a unique 5 step process to treat lifestyle and chronic diseases:
Step 1: Sushain Ayurveda Counselor speak to the patient to understand their health issue and assign the Specialist Ayurvedic doctor for the disease. This counselor coordinates rest of the steps of treatment.
Step 2: Patient interacts with the Ayurvedic Doctor and gets prescription for medication.
Step 3: Diet & Life style counselor speaks to the patient and guide the patient according to the health concern
Step 4: Yoga Trainer speaks to the patient and guide him about the exercise and yoga that can be performed to pace up the recovery.
Step 5: Every fifteen days sushain counselor monitor and update on health improvement. 
If needed, they suggest Panchakarma from authenticated and approved centers.
Booking Online Consultation Ayurvedic Doctors:

Step 1: Download sushain lite app from the playstore or visit home page

Step 2: Find video consultation link. On pressing link one reaches to doctor listing page

Step 3: Read about the doctor profile & check ratings

Step 4: Choose a doctor and book an appointment for Online or ‘In Clinic’ consultation Visit:



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