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Gangar Eyenation Organizes Free Eye Check-up Camp for Viramgam Residents

A free eye check-up camp was organised today for the residents of Viramgam, Saurashtra in Gujarat by Gangar Eyenation, which is one of the leading eye care brands in the country. Around 3,000 people benefitted from the one-day camp, which had a team of around 15-20 optometrists participating in it. They also distributed new spectacles for free.
Apart from measuring the eye power, eye health education & awareness sessions are conducted in order to increase the level of awareness and knowledge of common eye diseases like cataracts, glaucoma, dry eye and other vision disabilities. Timely eye checkup helps to minimize the risk of eye diseases and prevent loss of vision and blindness that can arise from factors that range from age, COVID as well as increased exposure to technology.

Jigar Gangar, Director of Gangar Eyenation, says that “The one-day free eye checkup camp is part of their commitment to create awareness about eye-centric issues and disorders. As a universal need, we have put our efforts by creating access to good eye healthcare to all people, regardless of their economic means and to provide high-quality and affordable eye care to more and more people around the country, but in a post COVID-world it has become even more necessary.” He says, adding, “It’s not just about diabetes or thyroid impacting the vision, there are more complications with the arrival of the virus. We are now pouring into our gadgets for everything and for long hours leading to eye-related problems to shoot up, especially among children.”

Gangar also thanked the group of optometrists for their support in making the eye check-up camp a success. “We are proud to have touched so many lives in Viramgam and are looking forward to conducting similar free eye check-up camps in other places, thus spreading awareness to a larger number of people. We believe every citizen has a right to this information as well as have access to the treatments as well,” he adds



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