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Medical team at Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai performing a heart transplant surgery
Doctor Dispatch

Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai Performs Life-Saving Heart Transplant: A Beacon of Hope for Amyloidosis Patients

Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai recently conducted a successful heart transplant on a 40-year-old patient suffering from the life-threatening condition of Amyloidosis. This operation marks Apollo’s eighth successful heart transplant, providing hope and inspiration to other patients in the community suffering from similar health conditions.

After being diagnosed with Amyloidosis, the patient’s heart function was severely affected, pushing him into irreversible heart failure. The only viable option for survival was a heart transplant, which he received at Apollo on April 4th, 2023. The successful heart transplant surgery has now given the patient a new lease on life, and he is currently showing remarkable progress in the heart transplant ICU.

This successful surgery is not just a medical achievement for Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai, but a beacon of hope for the community. It highlights the importance of organ donation and instills faith in advanced medical care for individuals dealing with complex health conditions.



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