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Advanced Rehabilitation at Apollo Hospitals
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Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai launches Advanced Rehabilitation services with advanced technologies

Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai (AHNM), the leading super-speciality quaternary care hospital, today announced the launch of the Advanced Rehabilitation services for Neurological Disorders and Critical Illness. The Advanced Rehabilitation services include the latest advanced equipment including the Lokomat for robot-assisted therapy for effective gait training; the Erigo for early and safe mobilization even in acute care; and Hydrotherapy, a form of specialised aquatic physical therapy. This new suite of state-of-the-art technologies will bring new hope of faster recovery to patients suffering from neurological diseases, devastating injuries, complex surgeries, and degenerative conditions.

In the case of conditions affecting the brain such as stroke, traumatic injuries, or diseases like multiple sclerosis, patients experience immobility in the limbs preventing them from walking, eating, writing, etc., and speaking or swallowing. Mobility cannot be fully restored by medication alone and requires retraining of the brain. In these cases, the Lokomat, an advanced robotic device for neurorehabilitation will enable patients to practice normal walking in a safe setting, without intensive effort, and regain more normal patterns of walking.

Dr. Shekhar Patil, Consulting Neurologist at Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai, explains, “When a patient undergoes physiotherapy at home their walking pattern does not resemble the normal gait, and the therapy is often restricted by the intensive effort required to hold the patient. Secondly, in conventional rehab, if a patient requires prolonged hospital care, a lot of time is lost before any therapy is provided. The introduction of the Lokomat which harnesses advanced robotic technology is a game-changer and helps patients overcome these drawbacks. It enables faster and more complete recovery of lost physical functions due to brain diseases and helps to significantly reduce the burden on family members and caregivers”

In critically ill patients requiring prolonged ICU care, long periods of immobilization and reduced mobility impacts the physical health of the patient and can lead to various musculoskeletal and cardiovascular complications such as weakness in their muscles, pressure ulcers, limb contractures and pain, and failure to wean off supporting machines.

Dr. Abhidha Shah, Consultant, Neurosurgery, Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai, said, “The Erigo provides early and extensive mobility training to critically ill patients in the ICU itself. It allows us to increase muscle activation through additional Functional Electrical Stimulation. This innovative device has been found to result in clinically relevant improvement, expedite recovery and overcome acute neurological illnesses efficiently.”

Dr. Sunil Kutty, Consultant, Neurosurgery, Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai, said, “Conventional rehabilitation interventions cannot be provided in the ICU due to space constraints, manpower limitations, chances of falling, and disconnection of supportive devices like tubes. The Erigo, a compact device enables early and extensive mobility training in the ICU itself. It enables patients to stand in an upright position safely and enables movements in the legs facilitating quicker control over movement, better breathing, and early discharge. Coupled with our excellent in-patient care facilities, our patients are more independent with lesser loss of mobility.

Dr. Nitin Menon, Lead Consultant, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai, said, “These new technologies symbolize a significant step towards better patient care. They not only enhance our capabilities but bring a new dimension to rehabilitation, opening up possibilities that were once beyond reach. Lokomat enables the patient to regain a more normal pattern of walking without intensive effort or fear of falling. Erigo therapy also allows patients who are immobile in bed or in need of a wheelchair for mobility to increase their lower extremity muscle strength and achieve greater functional independence for daily living activities. This, in turn, prevents disability in the community and reduces the burden on family members and other caregivers.”

Mr. Santosh Marathe, Regional – CEO, Western Region, Apollo Hospitals, said, “AHNM has a very exhaustive quaternary care program covering cardiology, transplants, oncology & neuro-ortho services. With the complexity of cases undertaken, there was an imperative need to strengthen pre & post rehab services. Our current rehab and physio services covers the whole spectrum of helping patients in mobility & endurance while strengthening muscles. Apart from robotic technology, gait rehab & hydrotherapy, the rehab unit has highly qualified & experienced clinical teams with expertise in cardiopulmonary, musculoskeletal, occupational therapy, speech and language therapists and pediatric services. The introduction of these advanced rehabilitation technologies reaffirms our commitment to providing world-class healthcare solutions. It reflects our ongoing efforts to enhance patient recovery, minimize disabilities, and ensure a healthier community.”



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