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Alniche Lifesciences Celebrates National Nutrition Week

Alniche Lifesciences, one of the leading and fastest growing pharma companies of India is celebrating National Nutrition Week. This week-long initiative is aimed at spreading awareness about the importance of nutrition for the human body and well-being through a series of activities planned at various hospitals.
Healthy people make a healthy nation – “Healthy Rahega India, Tabhi Toh Bimariyon se Bachega India”. The importance of nutrition for health has an impact on development, productivity, economic growth and ultimately National Development.
Commenting on the week-long celebrations, Mr. Girish Arora, Founder & MD, said, “I believe it is imperative to educate people about the significance of including the proper nutrients in their daily diets. It is our endeavour to empower customers with an exclusive range of nutritional, and Immunity booster therapies that play a key role in fostering a Wellness Quotient. We aim to emphasize the critical role that nutrition plays in the current environment, which will directly affect the productivity and social and economic development of the nation”.



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